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Dead Canary Brewing Company is located in Kansas City, MO. We are a woman owned microbrewery and create high content, high flavor, knock you on yo ass beers.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

How did we start, you ask?

It was a hot summer day. Really, really HOT. The kind of hot where everything sticks to everything and the thought crosses your mind to just lay in the middle of the sidewalk and aim a sprinkler directly at yourself. But, we chose to cope with the oppressive heat by making beer- in fact, a stout. Sure, the idea didn't seem as refreshing as it should, but it was between brewing beer and succumbing to Ra and offering our bodies as sacrifices. So, being wannabe purists we decided to distill and filter our own water. In a tiny-ass kitchen in a midtown apartment with an antiquated cooling system, naked stout was born. We stood over boiling water and watched the thermometer rise and rise, at which point we noticed the ambient temperature in the room was 102. It is at moments like this one, when subconsciously or not, you do what you have to do. And we did. We only suggest this particular home brewing method when among close friends or as a vendetta to a nosy neighbor, as the combination of boiling water and bared skin is dangerous. Sarah, a bit flustered and annoyed at our choice in water, yelled, "This is the batch that would've killed the canary!" A moment's silence elapsed as I thought, "she's right," and promptly replied, "Well, run, boys, run!" Thus, dead canary...

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Ben, aka BadBen said...

I can't wait! If you need some help of some kind, please let me know.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben